Bloodline Beasts on a Mythical Vengeful Quest.

Following up on the success of some of their notable fan favorite releases such as ROVIK (2018), and BEAST FROM VENUS (2019), Avandu Vosi, through publishers Vibonzo Entertainment, are back with a 12-issue story of family, tragedy, monsters and revenge titled SANAMU.

Warrior triplets Bomani, Lumbani and Khalfani, tread through uncharted territory, full of fantastical creatures, bizarre characters, magic and unknown dangers on a quest to avenge their mother and reverse a curse…

SANAMU is Afrikan mythology and fantasy that will thrust you into a world of adventure that pushes the limits of anything Avandu has done before!

Purchase & Delivery Details:

SANAMU #1 is a 12 issue comic book series, with each issue releasing monthly starting with Issue #1 on Monday, September 7th. The Issues will be available physically at comic book shop Between the Lines at Village Market, and other select partner outlets.

The now available Issue #1 will have both limited collector’s edition and regular edition. Accompanying the launch of SANAMU #1 is the soft horror Kiswahili trade paperback MUHONJA.

Main Characters Profiles

Having only one eye, he is the eldest of the triplets striving to be a great warrior and leader like his father, Zane. Despite his seniority, he is insecure about his grotesque appearance.

That isn’t his only personal strife, for he is also in love with Thando, the Witch Doctor’s daughter which proves to be quite the point of friction between him and Khalfani, the youngest triplet.

Abilities & weapon(s):

  • Superhuman strength.
  • His eye can see well in the dark like a cat, as well as see far like an eagle.
  • Has a devastating battle hammer, forged and blessed in West Africa.
Key physical attributes:

  • A massive frame!
  • Grotesque with scabs and scarring.
His desires:

  • Wants to avenge his mom.
  • Wants to be with Thando his love.
  • Overcome his insecurities.

Perhaps as with all second borns, Lumbani is the calm and perceptive one. The voice of reason when the boisterous winds of conflict blow between Bomani and Khalfani. This has earned him great respect from his brothers, making him the glue that keeps the warrior triplets together.


Abilities & weapons:


  • He can sense a person’s emotional state, and use it to achieve his goals.
  • He is skilled practitioner of magic, but not as powerful as their sworn nemesis, the Witch Doctor.
  • In his possession, sharp and true, is the Dark Spear that is said to be the weapon that felled the mighty Luanda Magere.

Key physical attributes:


  • Tall lithe figure.
  • Pale looking skin.

His desires:


  • Avenging his dead mother.
  • Seeks to increase in knowledge of magic and its history.


The last born of the triplets and the resident wildcard. A true feral fighting machine and weapon made flesh and blood. But he’s no blind beast, his prowess and tact in battle are only matched by his sense of loyalty, family and honor. Perhaps this is why he always butts heads with his elder brother over his forbidden love for their enemy’s daughter.



Abilities & weapons:


  • With a strong near impenetrable hyena hide, sharper than steel claws and legendary fangs and jaws that can snap the grip of death, his body is his weapon.
  • Superhuman speed, agility and strength.
  • Enhanced animal senses of sight, smell and hearing.

Key physical attributes:


  • Have you seen what he looks like?!

His desires:


  • Avenge his mother’s death. His appearance and warrior spirit may say otherwise, but on the inside, Khalfani is the most passionate and sensitive of the three. A trait he shared with his mother and one that perhaps made him closer to her than his brothers.
  • Make peace with his mother’s loss and with his brothers as well as with his appearance, something he is quietly sensitive about.

SANAMU is an original story by Avandu, published, distributed and marketed through Vibonzo Entertainment Limited in conjunction with Movie Jabber. SANAMU #1 and MUHONJA pre-orders kicked off at Movie Jabber’s virtual fan experience, Comixplosion to the World, click on the title to replay it!


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