The Western comic culture has dominated the comic industry and with the rise of African comics, especially in Kenya, different stories related to our identity get to be showcased through African artistic images and languages.

In a recent interview with Avandu Vosi studios CEO, a comic book publishing company based in Kenya, Elizabeth Wanjiku mentioned that African comics help preserve our cultural heritage and creates a space for conversations best known to us in a way that Avandu Vosi stories are cultivated from African owned narratives.

Meaning ‘all the people’, Avandu Vosi helps to inspire that despite seeing heroes from the Hollywood, Africans can get to experience heroes from their own culture. Creating a fantasy African world with African based characters and an African way of living helps the people of color appreciate their own made comic heroes.

For comic fans, it’s a milestone to see African, especially Kenyan comics dominating various award shows even on the biggest stages.

The Avandu Vosi studios have collaborated with various established comic universes around the globe which encourages other comic organizations to push for African content worldwide.

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