Dunamis is a Greek word that means: “act of power” (Young’s); “miraculous power, ability” (Strong’s); “natural capability, inherent power; capability of anything, ability to perform anything; then, absolutely, not merely power capable of action, but, power in action” (Bullinger’s).

Short Description:

Superheroes have long captivated our imagination; appearing in all forms of popular media. We are drawn to them because they embody what we believe is best in ourselves. Time and time again, we see them rise above their fears and limitations to achieve something extraordinary.

The Dunamis comic follows in that stead, having Persons with disability fight super-villains and overcoming all sorts of adversity to save the day!


Set in Makutano, a sprawling, ramshackle settlement, the narrative revolves around five kids that are living with disabilities who discover that they are gifted with powers.

During the course of one of them being pursued by a witchdoctor, they all meet and form a friendship through which they discover their own strengths and also find support in one another as they go through life with disability.

The comics’ dialogue is peppered with street slang and pop culture references that will place the story in a familiar context for young Kenyans.

Background Info:

By illustrating characters that are differently abled, yet still powerfull, we want to send the message that no matter how a person looks, its  their courageous heart that makes them a real hero. And they can still kick ass!

This innovative twist is intended to embrace unique perspectives and showcase diversity. Our aim is to open up the society to earnest conversations surrounding persons with disabilities while at the same time boosting the confidence of those who feel excluded for having a handicap.

We hope that he comic will help shed light on such issues as bullying, stigma, self-esteem challenges and work in positive aspects such as friendship, inclusion, empathy and empathy alongside other attributes of daily life.