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Enkai (others insist on the name Ngai) is the creator of the world, and using a tree, he created the humans. He split the tree into three parts. One of the parts became the father of the Maasai, and he was given a stick for animal herding.

From the other two parts the fathers of Kikuyu and Kamba. Kikuyu was given a hoe for agriculture and Kamba was given a bow and arrow for hunting.

The God from the Maasai, Ngai, which is no male or female, is believed to have various aspects, but there are two very important manifestations: One of them is benevolent and good, called Ngai Narok, which is color black, while the other, that is color red, angry is know as Ngai Na-Nyokie.

Ngai (that means sky) was one with Earth and owned all the cattle. One day Sky and Earth split from each other, and because of this, Ngai was no longer among them, taking the cattle with him up to the sky, But the cattle needed sustenance of grass from Earth in order to survive, so Ngai decided to send the cattle to Earth. The Maasai people and the cattle walked down from the sky and were asked by Ngai to take care of the cattle. This is why the Maasai are the owners of all the cattle.


Roberto. Maasai creation myth.