10 GODZ poster series


There is an allusion to an island in an ancient elaborate prayer to God.  There is also an allusion, in the same prayer, to Father Mairura and mother Boisabi.  According to mama Rhoda Nyansuku Mironga, a traditional priestess and diviner, mairura and Boisabi are parents of mogusii and almost all the black people.  They came into being in an island in a river. Engoro, (God) who is only mentioned in a special traditional prayer by various praise names, gave rise to the couple and blessed them with many children.  The eldest of them was mosoba, Mogusii’s eldest brother. Mairura and Boisabi died and were buried in the island – the cradle of mankind.  From this island people spread and filled the earth.

Reference:  by EVANS M. GETUMA